Joel Hagen

Journalism roots + master’s degree in creative writing + content marketing. 

I take highly academic and technical information and create engaging messaging for companies.

Out of the Shadows, I See Vultures. Vivian Maier's Photography

I’m 12 feet down the hallway of the Vivian Maier exhibit and I’m trying not to cry and I’m trying to figure out a reason. I walked in with a cursory sense of the photographer. I’d watched a trailer for one of the movies coming out about her, so I knew the bare minimum. She’d been a nanny for several families. She walked through life with a camera and took lots of photos she hardly showed anyone. After her death, she was “discovered.” And in the past few years, she’s become quite a phenomenon.

Forensic accounting - North Dakota State University

Early in the spring semester, students studying fraud investigation watch their instructors - guys who do not believe in traditional lecture class formats - play out an interrogation in an old classroom in North Dakota State University'`s Putnam Hall. Herb Snyder tears into the role of investigator, acting hard-nosed and confident, while James Clifton is stuck playing the down-on-his-luck inventory manager in a warehouse.

New way for DNA - North Dakota State University

It starts with a phone call. The caller is a detective, or perhaps an attorney. The subject is almost always grim: a child molested; an unidentified body found; an old woman murdered; a serial rapist struck again. The call is received with clinical dispassion and centers on basic questions: Was a rape kit taken? How many samples are available? How old is the evidence? Such simple questions set off a chain of events that will likely ease grief, solve mysteries and deliver justice.